YPP preparation workshop 2015

Slovakia is a lucky country! For the fifth time in a row, Slovakia is taking part in the Young Professionals Programme (YPP) in 2015 which means that young Slovaks, willing to work at the United Nations and aged up to 32, could apply for the following job families in Slovakia this year: Administration, Finance, Legal affairs, Public information, Social affairs and Statistics. The written exam for the convoked candidates will be held at the Slovak Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs on 15 December 2015 and the successful candidates will be then invited for an interview. The candidates who are ultimately successful in the YPP can look forward to a career in the United Nations and can work anywhere around the world.

To support them in their preparation for the exam, the United Nations Information Service (UNIS) Vienna together with the Slovak Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs organized a preparation workshop on Wednesday 2 December, held at the Ministry. The workshop was moderated by Anton Frič from the Ministry's UN Department. The UNIS Vienna Director, Martin Nesirky and Human Resources Officer from the United Nations Office at Vienna, Erzsebet Varga, explained the whole examination process to the young people, and gave them some useful tips. Some points were particular to each job family but one of them was definitely common for all candidates: "Don´t give up and even if you think that you don´t know, make an educated guess!" You never know, it may be right and it could end up being a fantastic achievement. Good luck!  

YPP powerpoint presentation