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    12 August 2011

    United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

    "From Japan to Sudan, from Pakistan to the Horn of Africa, Aid Workers Help People who have Lost their Homes, Loved Ones and Sources of Income"

    Message on World Humanitarian Day,
    19 August 2011

    VIENNA, 19 August (UN Information Service) - There is never a year without humanitarian crises. And wherever there are people in need, there are people who help them - men and women coming together to ease suffering and bring hope. From Japan to Sudan, from Pakistan to the Horn of Africa, aid workers help people who have lost their homes, loved ones and sources of income.

    These humanitarians often brave great danger, far from home. They work long hours, in the most difficult conditions. Their efforts save lives in conflict and natural disaster. They also draw the world closer together by reminding us that we are one family, sharing the same dreams for a peaceful planet, where all people can live in safety, and with dignity.

    On World Humanitarian Day, we honour these aid workers and thank them for their dedication. And we pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice - in Afghanistan, Haiti and beyond. Too many have died, or suffered their own loss, in the course of duty. We pledge to do all we can to ensure the world's humanitarians are kept safe to do their essential work.

    This is also a day to examine our own lives and consider what more we can do to help -- to reach out to people enduring conflict, disaster and hardship. Let those we honour today inspire us to start our own journey to make the world a better place and bring our human family more closely together.

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