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The VIC Art Collection

Are you an art lover wishing to discover and enjoy the fine collection of art works from around the world that is housed at the Vienna International Centre (VIC)? There are several ways to do so.

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About the collection

The VIC art collection was started by Austria, the host country, as a representation of Austrian contemporary art trends at the time of the VIC's opening, back in 1979. Since then many other Member States have added their own contributions to the collection, creating a unique mix of artistic styles, forms of expressions and cultural traditions. The pieces coexist in an environment as diverse as the art itself. 

The collection includes works by Austrian modern masters such as Rudolf Hausner, Alfred Hrdlicka, Martha Jungwirth, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Hermann Nitsch, Marcus Prachensky, Max Weiler and many more. Other highlights include a beautiful depiction of the 'Ho-o Raigi' sacred birds by Japanese artist Sagenji Yoshida; a Scholar's Pavilion built as a 'Chartaghi', a typical characteristic of Iranian architecture; and a Mongolian 'Gerege' used as a diplomatic passport in the times of Genghis Khan.

VIC art brochure

A glossy 16-page colour booklet (in German) documenting some of the art collection highlights is available for purchase with your on-site tour.

VIC art collection online

View the original collection of Austrian art that's on display at the Vienna International Centre:

Art at the Vienna International Centre