Ending poverty, fighting climate change, equal rights for women and girls - world leaders have committed to reaching 17 ambitious goals to transform our world by 2030. Our 'Let's Transform Our World' tour puts the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) front and centre for school groups visiting the UN in Vienna. Choose this interactive format if you wish your students to engage with the SDGs and learn how the United Nations and its Vienna-based organizations are working for them.

Guided tour participant wearing a ‘blue helmet’
© UNIS Vienna/Nikoleta Haffar


SDG tours for school groups (10-18 years)



The 90-minute timeframe of our SDG Tour allows the tour guide to employ an entertaining mix of show and tell and interactive games. The guide explains the UN's role in helping reach consensus on global challenges, usually by visiting an actual conference room, and will ask the group to get active in exploring some of the 17 Goals in more detail. Participants will have fun discovering a few of the ways UN organizations in Vienna and around the world are working to help achieve the Goals, and young people will go home with some ideas of how their own actions can help transform their world.


If you are an educator, an SDG Tour at the UN in Vienna is the perfect starting point for an in-depth look at different sustainable development and human rights topics in the classroom. Resources available for follow-up to your tour include:

UN teaching materials 

English - German - Hungarian - Slovak - Slovene

SDGs in Action

Arabic - Chinese - English - French - Russian - Spanish 

The Lazy Person's Guide to Saving the World

Arabic - Chinese - English - French - Russian - Spanish
Download as pdf in German, Hungarian, Slovak, Slovene


The UN Family in Vienna and the SDGs

See what the United Nations family in Vienna is doing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

#GlobalGoals Video Tours

Watch these 5-minute videos moderated by UN Vienna tour guides during the COVID-19 lockdown to see some examples of how the United Nations and its Vienna-based organizations continued to work for the Sustainable Development Goals during the pandemic. Available in 10 languages:

Chinese - English - French - German - Hungarian - Italian - Russian - Slovak - Spanish - Turkish