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    11 November 1999
    UN Cyberschoolbus Sponsors 'Peace Flag Project' to Celebrate
    International Year for a Culture of Peace
    Invites Students to Submit Designs for World Peace Flag; Winning Entry Could be Reproduced as United Nations Stamp

     NEW YORK, 10 November (UN Headquarters) -- The Global Teaching and Learning Project announced today that its on-line component, the UN CyberSchoolBus, which provides educational materials and activities to schools around the world on international issues, is sponsoring the Peace Flag Project.  To reaffirm the ideal of peace among young people and in celebration of the International Year for a Culture of Peace, the UN CyberSchoolBus, in co-operation with the United Nations Postal Administration and the International Olympic Committee, is sponsoring the Peace Flag Project.  Students from around the world are invited to send their vision of what a world peace flag would look like.  Each entry should include a short description of what their drawing represents.  As a special bonus, one flag will be chosen by the judging panel for consideration by the United Nations Postal Administration for use as an official United Nations Stamp.  The selected artist will be flown to Sydney, Australia for the Olympics Stamp Show, courtesy of the International Olympic Committee.

     Submission:  Schools or organizations may submit a maximum of three entries.  We suggest submissions from various grade levels, if appropriate.  There must be a brief description (no more than 250 words) of the drawing.  There are no restrictions on the use of colour, but no text is permitted on the drawing itself.  Submissions may be mailed or sent in electronically (in pdf, pds, eps, tif, gif, jpeg) formats.  Individual submissions will be accepted only if a school does not take part in the project.

     Personal Information:  Each entry must include name, age, school, country and all relevant contact information on the back of the entry.

     Eligibility:  Students aged 6 to 18.

     Size:  Flag designs must be no larger than 10 inches by 15 inches or 25.4 cm by 38.1 cm.

     Deadline:  All entries must be received by 10 December 1999.

     The UN CyberSchoolBus judging panel will select a winning entry in February 2000.  In the event that the winning design is used for a United Nations postage stamp, it is anticipated that the stamp will be issued in September 2000 to coincide with the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.
     We will be unable to acknowledge receipt of your submission.  All materials submitted for the Peace Flag Project become the property of the United Nations and will not be returned.   Prior to the reproduction of the winning design as a United Nations stamp, the designer will be contacted by the United Nations Postal Administration in regard to related ownership and copyright details.

     Entries may be submitted to the local organizing office or directly to the United Nations CyberSchoolBus:  United Nations CyberSchoolBus, Peace Flag Project, 1 United Nations Plaza, Room DC1-552, New York, NY 10017.  Or via email to

     For additional information, please visit the UN CyberSchoolBus at  or the UN Postal Administration at A

     Contact:  Tina Choi (, United Nations, Global Teaching and Learning Project, 1 UN Plaza Room, DC1-552, New York, NY 10017; (212) 963- 1400; (212) 963-1381 fax

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