Our most popular tour takes you inside Vienna’s iconic “UNO-City” to learn how staff and delegates from 193 Member States work here towards peace, development and human rights.


Each UN Vienna Tour is led by one of our multilingual tour guides, who can easily tailor the content to any level of prior knowledge.

Visitors will get an introduction to the United Nations Organization and learn how the Vienna-based offices are working for the Sustainable Development Goals. The tour takes in the history and architecture of the Vienna International Centre, and uses show & tell to explain the work that goes on here. Visitors will usually have a chance to see one of the conference rooms where international negotiations take place, and can enjoy some of the fine artworks on display, such as an original Hundertwasser tapestry. A highlight for many young visitors is a real moonrock on loan to the UN in Vienna from NASA.

The tour route and content can vary for operational reasons, so requests for specific areas of interest should be communicated before the tour.

The United Nations in Vienna is home to members of the UN family working on many aspects of peace and security, human rights and development. They seek to use atoms for peace and development, to reduce poverty through inclusive and sustainable industrial development, to ban nuclear testing, to bring the benefits of the peaceful uses of outer space to every part of the world and to make the world safer from drugs, crime and terrorism.

Tour Brochure, Books and Souvenirs

A printed, 32-page colour booklet documenting the tour highlights is available for purchase with your tour ticket. 

A small selection of UN books and UN Bookshop gift items is also available for purchase with your tour.

Just select and add a purchase to your online booking, and receive your souvenir when you arrive for your tour. 



Teachers wishing to follow up on a UN tour with their class have a wealth of teaching resources to choose from.

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