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Ferienspiel - Holiday Games for Children

Virtual UN Vienna Children’s Tour

Our 2021 virtual "Ferienspiel" (Holiday Games) tours are perfect for children aged 6-13. Kids get a virtual introduction to the United Nations in an interactive and fun online session with UN Vienna Tour Guides.  

Explore the UN in Vienna with us and experience how the United Nations has been working remotely. Find out about the UN's work, craft your own 'UN passport', learn a few words in one of the UN languages. Feel like a delegate and discuss with us! What can WE do to stop climate change and live more sustainably?  

Dates: Mon-Fri, 26 July - 6 August 2021 

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About Ferienspiel 

The Visitors Service at the UN in Vienna has participated in the holiday games ("Ferienspiel") organized by the City of Vienna's WienXtra office for many years. The programme is usually offered during local winter and summer school holidays, and changes every year. Find out about the UN's work, celebrate International Years, explore other cultures. Above all, come and have fun!

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