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Ferienspiel - Holiday Games for Children

Do you want your child to go abroad during the school holidays, without ever having to leave Vienna? Our "Ferienspiel" Holiday Games are perfect for children aged 6-13.

Ferienspiel 2020:
Shaping Our Future Together – Join the #UN75 Conversation

For 75 years the world’s countries having been working together through the United Nations towards peace and prosperity for all people. What needs to happen so we can continue to achieve progress together in the future?

We want to hear what our youngest visitors have to say about it.




3-7 February 2020

Ferienspiel 2020: UN75 - Shaping Our Future Together

NB – No Ferienspiel at the VIC due to COVID-19 suspension of guided tours

Alternative off-site children’s programme for local summer camp groups:

6-10 July 2020

BOOK NOW: tours.vienna[at]

Additional dates can be requested, subject to availability

Due to the suspension of guided tour operations at the Vienna International Centre as a COVID-19 prevention measure, we are unfortunately unable to host our youngest visitors for our traditional WienXtra Ferienspiel summer programme at the UN in Vienna this year.

Instead, this summer the UN Vienna Visitors Service is offering an alternative, off-site children’s programme. Upon request, UN Vienna Tour Guides will visit local kindergartens and summer camps to conduct a fun #UN75 children’s programme for kids aged 6-13. Duration: 90 minutes.

As the UN celebrates its 75th anniversary, we will look back at its big achievements but most importantly ask the question “Where do we want to go from here?”. Kids will be able to dive into the UN topic and in a playful way, learn how important the work of the United Nations is, how big their impact can be to reach the Sustainable Development Goals and how they can help to make the world a better place. For them and for future generations!


To request an off-site programme for a local kindergarten or Hort group, please write to tours.vienna[at] The 2020 off-site summer programme is offered free of charge, subject to the availability of tour slots.

About Ferienspiel

The Visitors Service at the UN in Vienna has participated in the holiday games ( "Ferienspiel") organized by the City of Vienna's WienXtra office for many years. The programme is offered during local winter and summer school holidays, and changes every year. Find out about the UN's work, celebrate International Years, explore other cultures. Above all, come and have fun!

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