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Press Release No:   UNIS/NAR/682
Release Date:   14 March 2000
Luxembourg again Contributes to UN Anti-Drug Efforts through a Special Fund Of Assets Seized from Drug-related Criminal Activities

 VIENNA, 14 March (UN Information Service) -- The Luxembourg Fonds de Lutte contre le Trafic des Stupéfiants (Fund for the Fight against Drug Trafficking) will provide a contribution of US$500,000 to the United Nations International Drug Control Programme (UNDCP) for a vocational training project in Bolivia, in the context of that country’s Business Plan for the elimination of illicit drug crops through alternative development.  The related agreement with the Fund was signed here yesterday.

 On the same occasion, two other agreements were signed for additional contributions from the Luxembourg Fund to UNDCP: US$73,500 for the construction of a community-based treatment and rehabilitation centre in Soweto (South Africa); US$100,000 to the drug abuse prevention component of the UNDCP programme of assistance for Iran.

 In addition, an agreement is being finalized for a further contribution to a UNDCP alternative development project in Vietnam.  The Fund provided US$223,600 in 1998 to the first phase of the same project.

 “Luxembourg’s contribution to UNDCP’s work and programmes is a tangible sign of the commitment of the country in the field of drug control” stated UNDCP Executive Director Pino Arlacchi.  “I hope that other countries will follow Luxembourg’s example” he added.

 Earlier contributions from the Luxembourg Fund were destined to train drug control officials in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru and for UNDCP programmes aimed at eliminating the economic dependency on opium production in Vietnam and Laos.  Recently, support was provided for a project aimed at strengthening the drug demand reduction capacities of governmental and non-governmental institutions in Central America. 
 The Luxembourg Fonds de lutte contre le trafic des stupéfiants was created in 1992 in application of a provision of the 1988 United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic and Psychotropic Substances inviting signatories to provide funds derived from assets seized in drug trafficking cases to the UN for its work in this field.  The Luxembourg Fund, which is to date the only instance in which this provision has been applied, receives assets seized in application of anti-drug legislation, including anti-money laundering measures.  The contribution of the Luxembourg Fund is the basis for the country’s status as a major donor to UNDCP. In addition to financing international drug control through UNDCP intergovernmental organizations and NGOs, the Fund uses its resources to finance drug control activities in Luxembourg, such as treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts and preventive education campaigns.
 In addition to financing UNDCP activities, the Luxembourg Fund also supports international drug control bilaterally.  As an example, it recently provided US$300,000 to the Government of Cape Verde, in support of that country’s fight against illicit drug trafficking.

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