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Note No:  84
NOTE TO CORRESPONDENTS Release Date:   17 March 2000
Secretary-General to Launch Millennium Report
On His Vision for United Nations

 NEW YORK, 15 March –- United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan will present a major statement on his vision for the world body in a report to be launched on 30 March.  The report, entitled “We the Peoples:  The United Nations in the Twenty-first Century”, is being prepared for a summit of heads of State or government to be held at the United Nations this September.

 The report will set out a practical vision for the United Nations in a globalized world, 55 years after the Organization was founded.  Among its key concepts is the need to make globalization more inclusive, to create more opportunities for all and not leave entire continents and billions of people behind in squalor.

 The three-day Millennium Summit of the United Nations, expected to be the largest-ever gathering of heads of State or government, will open on 6 September in New York.  The United Nations General Assembly designated its fifty-fifth session, starting on 5 September, as the Millennium Assembly, and decided to hold the Summit in order to consider how the world body can best meet the challenges of the new century.

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