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Press Release No:  UNIS/PI/203
Release Date:   28 April 2000
26 Non-Governmental Organizations Obtain Association
With Department of Public Information

NEW YORK, 27 April (UN Headquarters) -- The Department of Public Information (DPI) Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations has selected 26 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from 12 countries for association with the Department.  The decision, taken on 10 April, brings the number of NGOs associated with DPI to 1,641.  All the organizations conform with the principles of the United Nations Charter, operate solely on a non-profit basis and demonstrate a long-standing involvement with United Nations issues.  In addition, they have well-developed information programmes to reach large or specialized audiences and have demonstrated the commitment and means to disseminate information about the United Nations.  This information dissemination capacity is a unique criterion for association with DPI.

The NGOs newly associated with DPI include four from Africa, seven from Asia and the Pacific; five from Europe; two from the Middle East; and eight from North America.  They represent a diverse range of interests, including human rights, sustainable development, older people and poverty eradication.

Several NGOs newly associated with DPI reach large audiences in their efforts to promote peace and advance human rights.  The Hague Appeal for Peace (United States) is a coalition of over 1,000 civil society organizations that seek to abolish war by advancing new partnerships between citizens, governments and international organizations.  The Hague Appeal for Peace Conference, held in May 1999, was attended by over 10,000 activists worldwide.  Another NGO, the Philippine Human Rights Information Center (Philippines), provides researchers and the general public with access to human rights information through its library, databases and other services, and offers training in upgrading the documentation and management capabilities of human rights organizations.  The Coordinadore Nacional de Jubilats I Pensionistes de Catalunya (Spain) is dedicated to advancing the status of older persons.

Other newly associated NGOs are dedicated to the promotion and protection of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous populations worldwide.  Those organizations have an established record of collaboration with United Nations Information Centres, specialized agencies, funds or programmes.  The Tribal Link Foundation (United States), which was one of the sponsoring NGOs of the Second Worldwide Vigil for the United Nations (23 October 1997), links indigenous people with civil society, relevant information networks, media and resources, providing a special focus on the work of the United Nations system in that area.

Several newly associated NGOs promote education and youth, especially in the lower income and rural areas of developing countries.  The Citizens Foundation (Pakistan) establishes schools for underprivileged boys and girls and provides teacher training programmes, while the Pakistan Crescent Youth Organization (Pakistan) strives to provide a platform for youth, and to eliminate prejudice and hate among people by organizing social and cultural campaigns and programmes for children and youth. 

The association of the seven NGOs from the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, Pakistan and India reflects the growth of the NGO community in Asia and its increasing efforts to link up with the international community.

For further information, please contact the DPI/NGO Section, phone: (212) 963-6842, e-mail:  The periodically updated directory of NGOs associated with DPI is also available on the DPI/NGO's Web site at:

Following are the organizations newly associated with DPI, listed alphabetically by region:

Africa:  Association Tunisienne des Jeunes Médecins Sans Frontières (Tunisia); Club International Pour la Recherche de la Paix (Cameroon); Nigerian Centre for Research and Documentation (Nigeria); Union Nationale de la Femme Tunisienne (Tunisia).

Asia and Pacific:  Association of Women's Entrepreneurs of Small Scale Industries, Tamil Nadu (India); Foundation for Health Education and Drug Awareness, Inc. (Philippines); Korea International Volunteer Organization (Republic of Korea); National Council of Saemaul-Undong Movement (Republic of Korea); Pakistan Crescent Youth Organization (Pakistan); Philippine Human Rights Information Center (Philippines); The Citizens Foundation (Pakistan)

Europe:  Coordinadora Nacional de Jubilats I Pensionistes de Catalunya (Spain); International Association "Women and Business" (Georgia); Mercy International Association (Ireland); Union Democrática de Pensionistas y Jubilados de España (Spain); Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk (Belgium).

Middle East:  Mufid Humanity University (Iran); Radin Institute for Family Health Education and Promotion (Iran).

North America:  American Correctional Association (United States); Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd (United States); Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders on Human Survival (United States); Global Network against Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space (United States); Hague Appeal for Peace (United States); National Center for Health Education (United States); Susila Dharma International (Canada); Tribal Link Foundation (United States).

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