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Press Release No: UNIS/SG/2598
Release Date:  23 June 2000
Secretary-General, President of International Olympic Committee
Issue Joint Message on Occasion of Olympic Day Observance

NEW YORK, 22 JUNE (UN Headquarters) – Following is the joint statement of Secretary- General Kofi Annan and the President of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch, on the occasion of Olympic Day, which is observed 23 June:

 The goal of the Olympic Movement is to place sport at the service of humanity, by harnessing its great potential to the global struggle for peace, prosperity and the preservation of human dignity.  The objectives of the United Nations are very much the same:  it strives for the peaceful settlement of disputes, social progress and better standards of life, and harmonious relations among peoples and nations.  Indeed, the United Nations General Assembly has repeatedly recognized the natural affinity between Olympic ideals and those enshrined in the United Nations Charter and, in that spirit, has urged all Member States to abide by the Olympic Truce.

 In this International Year for a Culture of Peace, a year in which we hope as ever for full adherence to the Olympic Truce, and on the occasion of the Olympic Day celebrations, we are delighted to extend our best wishes to the sportsmen and sportswomen of the world -- and especially to the young people among them.  We are grateful to National Olympic Committees for dedicating Olympic Day to the culture of peace and the observance of the Olympic Truce, and for organizing races against poverty and highlighting the fatal danger of AIDS and drug abuse.  And we wish the participants and organizers of Olympic Day sporting and cultural activities a successful celebration.

 Together, the International Olympic Committee and the United Nations can help make this world a better, safer place.  Let us continue to join hands in that global mission.

* * * * *