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    14 November 2000
 Secretary-General Hopes New Bahrain UN House Will Signal 
“New and Even Better” Chapter in Relations Between Organization and Bahrain

  NEW YORK, 13 November (UN Headquarters) -- Following are the remarks of Secretary-General Kofi Annan at the opening of the Bahrain United Nations House, which were made on Saturday, 11 November:

 It is a great pleasure for me to be here today to inaugurate the United Nations House in Bahrain.  This event marks not only the further integration and coordination of United Nations activities in Bahrain, but also serves as a tribute to the close bonds between our Organization and Bahrain.

This beautiful building -- so steeped in the history and culture of Bahrain -- is now dedicated to advancing the goals of the United Nations in a new century.  It reflects the importance that Bahrain attaches to the United Nations, and to pursuing its interests within the framework of international cooperation.  Ever since Bahrain became a Member State in 1971, the United Nations has benefited from the pride the people of Bahrain derive from playing an active role within the United Nations.
As many of you will know, we in the New York Headquarters of the United Nations frequently refer to the building in which we work as our "house".  That is no coincidence.  The idea of a house of all nations, held together by a common bond and structure, helps us to visualize the very concept upon which the United Nations was built.  This house in Bahrain, which will bring together staff from several parts of the United Nations family, is an extension of that vision. 

With this building, I hope that we --  the United Nations --  can do more and do better to justify your faith in us, and to provide you with new and imaginative ways to advance the cause of peace and prosperity --  not only in your country and your region, but also around the world.

 Let me thank the Government of Bahrain for the special support you have given the United Nations and for offering us this magnificent site.  Let me also thank the United Nations country team and all colleagues of the United Nations family for their commitment and dedication.  

I wish you all success in your cooperation, and hope that the opening of this house may open a new and even better chapter in the relations between Bahrain and the United Nations.

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