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Press Release No:   UNIS/SG/A/114
Release Date:   13 March 2000
Secretary-General Appoints Angelica Hunt as Director
Of United Nations Information Centre in Buenos Aires

NEW YORK, 10 March (UN Headquarters) -- Secretary-General Kofi Annan  has appointed Angelica Hunt as the  Director of the United Nations Iformation Centre  in Buenos Aires, Argentina,  which also covers Uruguay.  She is expected to take up her duties on 13 March. 

Ms. Hunt  has served the  Organization in  peacekeeping and  post-conflict peace-building missions, which include the United Nations Mission to  Verify the Electoral  Process in Nicaragua (ONUVEN) (1989-1990), the United Nations Observer  Group in Central  America (ONUCA)  (1990-1992), the United Nations Observer Mission  to Verify the Referendum  in Eritrea  (UNOVER) (1993), the United  Nations Observer  Mission  in El  Salvador  (ONUSAL)/United  Nations Mission  in El Salvador  (MINUSAL) (1993-  1996), United  Nations Mission in Bosnia  and  Herzegovina  (UNMIBH) (1996-1997),  and  the  United   Nations Verification Mission in Guatemala (MINUGA)  (1997-1999).  Ms. Hunt exercised the functions of Public Information Officer, Spokeswoman, Political  Affairs Officer,   Regional   Coordinator   and   Special   Assistant   to   Special Representative  of the  Secretary-General  in El  Salvador  and,  laterally, Guatemala.

Ms.  Hunt first joined  the Organization  in 1970,  working in  the Public Services section  in the Department  of Public Information  (DPI).  She  has also  worked with  the United  Nations  Children's  Fund (UNICEF)  in public information, women in development and social mobilization.

She  is   the  author  of  several   specialized  articles  and   reports: Information and  Communication for Development;  The Situation of Poor Rural Woman in Central America; NGOs: Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Ms.  Hunt is  a Sussex  University  graduate in  International  Relations, specializing  in  International  Organization, the  Ocean  in  International Politics and Conflict and Consensus in American Society.

Ms. Hunt was born in  The Hague, Netherlands, on 26 September 1949 and  is a national of the United Kingdom.

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