11 October 2001


NEW YORK, 10 October (UN Headquarters) -- Following is the text of today’s statement on the situation in Burundi by the President of the Security Council, Richard Ryan (Ireland):

Members of the Security Council heard a briefing by Under-Secretary-General [Kieran] Prendergast of the Department of Political Affairs regarding the situation in Burundi.

Members of the Security Council condemn the continuing violence and express deep concern at the appalling humanitarian situation in Burundi.

Members of the Council reiterate their call to the international community to increase humanitarian, development and economic assistance to support the people of Burundi and the transitional Government and to alleviate the plight of the large number of internally displaced persons. All parties are called upon to respect human rights and humanitarian law and to facilitate access for humanitarian assistance.

Members of the Council note the importance of the current phase in the peace process in Burundi, and call on all parties to seize this opportunity and to work together in a spirit of compromise to resolve outstanding difficulties and to advance the peace process.

Members of the Security Council reiterate their strong support for the installation of the transitional Government in Burundi on 1 November. They call on all the signatories of the Arusha Agreement to cooperate fully with the Facilitation and the Implementation Monitoring Committee and to uphold in full the commitment which they have entered into -- so that the necessary legal and political environment will be established to facilitate the return of the exiled political leaders. They call on the Burundian parties to reach agreement, as a matter of priority, on the outstanding issues, including the establishment of a special protection unit specifically aimed at providing protection for returning political leaders. In this regard, Members of the Council encourage such States as may be in a position to offer assistance to do so.

Members of the Security Council reiterate their strong support for the Facilitation of Former President Nelson Mandela and for the Implementation Monitoring Committee.

Members of the Security Council reiterate their call on all concerned States to cease all forms of support to the Forces Nationales de Libération (FNL) and Forces pour la Défense de la Democratie (FDD), and urge all Member States, in particular the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe and Tanzania to encourage the armed groups to join the peace process.

Members of the Security Council call on armed groups immediately to suspend hostilities and to enter into negotiations for a ceasefire.

Members of the Security Council reiterate their willingness to consider, in the light of progress in the above areas, further contributions to the peace process and the implementation of the Arusha Agreement.

* *** *