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2 February 2001

New UN Public Service Announcement
Targets Trafficking of Women

VIENNA, 2 February (UN Information Service) -- A new UN Public Service Announcement spotlights the harsh reality behind human traffickers’ promises to young women of attractive jobs in other countries.

The video spot, created by the Vienna-based UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention (ODCCP), uses powerful music and images of women from several countries to underscore the many dangers of what some experts refer to as "modern-day slavery".

According to ODCCP, more than 700,000 women and children are bought and sold every year for sexual exploitation and forced labour. The traffickers, often tied to organized crime groups, prey on a lack of awareness and dreams of a better life. From Himalayan villages to East European cities, women and girls are enticed by the prospect of a well-paid job abroad as a domestic servant, waitress or factory worker. The ODCCP spot shows what many women soon discover -- their documents are taken away, they are "kept in line" with violence and threats and most or all of the money they make is taken by their criminal "owners.

Two video clips ( 30 and 60 seconds) can be viewed and ordered for broadcast at:

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