Note No 135
30 March 2001



VIENNA, 30 March 2001. – United Nations Information Service, Vienna (UNIS) has launched a major update and redesign to its web site,

The new site has been designed to allow visitors faster and more direct access to a whole host of United Nations reference material in a user-friendly on-screen environment. Navigation has been simplified by limiting the use of frames and new windows within the domain, and maintaining links to previously visited pages as well as to the main entry page. By attempting to keep page sizes to a minimum, download times have been greatly reduced - this is especially the case for the News section, where press releases are now listed by month, and for the Events section also. The back end of the site has been completely restructured, making the update process more intuitive, while allowing for continual expansion.

At a time when instant access to concise, accurate information is paramount, we at UNIS hope that the continual development of this site will provide an entry point to the wealth of material available, not only locally to Vienna, but throughout the UN system of organizations. In the past year over 53,000 visitors to the site were recorded – by improving our internet-based output we hope to expand upon that figure, becoming an invaluable resource to educational institutions, NGOs, government agencies, the press, and the general public as a whole.

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