21 May 2001


First Place "Gold Camera Award" goes to "Armed to the Teeth"
Second Place "Silver Screen Award" given to "Legacies of War"

NEW YORK, 18 May (UN Headquarters) -- Following success at a German festival, two United Nations documentaries "Armed to the Teeth" and "Legacies of War" have received awards at the US International Film and Video Festival.

"Armed to the Teeth" received the First Place "Gold Camera Award" in the Politics, Government, Citizenship, World Relations, Civics category of the 34th annual awards competition of the US International Film and Video Festival. The documentary addresses the widespread illicit trade and easy availability of small arms, with special focus on children.

The second place "Silver Screen Award" in the Politics, Government, Citizenship, World Relations, Civics category was given to "Legacies of War", which examines the consequences of war on civilians such as the menace of landmines. Both documentaries were produced and released last year by United Nations Television and Video, the broadcast production arm of the Organization's Department of Public Information.

The US International Film and Video Festival features screenings selected from over 1,500 entries from 33 countries. The annual event will take place from 7-8 June 2001 in Chicago, Illinois and culminate with an awards ceremony at which the United Nations documentaries will be honoured.

The UN Department of Public Information produces a variety of programming on issues central to the work of the United Nations worldwide. In addition to documentaries on a range of topics, UN Television produces "World Chronicle" a weekly current affairs programme taped at headquarters featuring round-table discussions on topics of international concern by key UN officials, world-renowned experts and other well-known personalities. The Department also produces the series "UN in Action" which feature over 50 short programmes (3-5 minutes) on a yearly basis presenting a wide-scope of political, environmental, economic and social issues set against the backdrop of the Organization's work.

Additional information and ordering is available from the Audio-Visual Promotion & Distribution Unit at 212-963-6982, audio-visual@un.org or on the Internet at www.un.org/av/tv/

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