17 April 2001


NEW YORK, 12 April (UN Headquarters) -- The Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1343 (2001) concerning Liberia recalls paragraph 2 (a) of that resolution, by which the Security Council:

"2 Demands that the Government of Liberia immediately cease its support for the RUF in Sierra Leone and for other armed rebel groups in the region, and in particular take the following concrete steps:

(a) expel all RUF members from Liberia, including such individuals as are listed by the Committee established by paragraph 14 below, and prohibit all RUF activities on its territory, provided that nothing in this paragraph shall oblige Liberia to expel its own nationals from its territory;"
The Security Council Committee attaches to this press release a list of Revolutionary United Front (RUF) members designated by the Committee as being subject to these measures. The list will be updated as necessary.

Sam "Mosquito" BOCKARIUE -- Military Commander, exiled in Liberia by Sankoh in December 1999.
Eddie KANNEH -- ex-field Commander, now in charge of arms/diamonds trade (similarly exiled).
Ibrahim BAH -- President Compaore's Advisor on the RUF. Spends a lot of time in Monrovia.
Short BAI BUREH (Colonel Doer of the Act) -- Commander of Combat Group in Guinea
Koneh BAI"BLTREH (Shining Star) -- Cmdr. 3 Bdge. Ops. in Guinea.
Lansana CONTEH (Colonel) -- Cmdr. 2 Bgde.

"General" FAYIA.
Komba GBUNDEMA, (Col. Monamie) -- Ops. Cmdr. Guinea.
Martin GEORGE (Col. MaoMao) -- Cmdr. 1 Bgde.
Morie JEIO (Major) -- Acting Chairman, RUFP Mining Ltd.
Muhammad KABBAH (Major Master Tourist) -- Signals Commander.
Melosky KALLON (Col Ngugumeh) -- Cmdr.7 Bgde.
Alfred KARGBO (Col Base Marine) -- Cmdr. 4 Bgde.
Jonathan KPOSOWA -- Chief of Administration.
Philip SANDY
Michael SANDY
VICTOR (Lt Col) -- Deputy Chairman, RUFP Mining Ltd.

* Omrie GOLLEY -- Chairman of the new Peace Council and RUF spokesman -- a regular visitor.
* Issa SESSAY (Alias General Emperor) -- Head of RUF.
* Augustine GBAO (Col. Destiny) -- Head of Internal Security
* Maurice KALLON (Brig. Spirit) -- Ops. Cmdr. DHQ.
* Gibril MASAQUOI (Col. Postmaster/Wildfire) -- Spokesman and Head of Media Ops
* Dennis MINGO (Brig. Compass/Superman) -- Liberia.
* Abdul RAZAK (Lt. Col.) -- ex-Chairman, RUFP Mining Ltd.
* M SOUVLA (Colonel) - Cmdr. 6 Bgde.

* Individuals who visit frequently and conduct RUF business in Liberia.

* *** *