17 August 2001


NEW YORK, 16 August (UN Headquarters) -- Following is the text of today’s press statement on Liberia by the President of the Security Council, Alfonso Valdivieso (Colombia):

Members of the Council express concern at the continuation of the fighting in Liberia and urge the parties involved to show restraint and engage in dialogue.

Members of the Council welcome the meeting of the Mano River Union Foreign Ministers from 13 to 15 August, and express the hope that the initiative will facilitate and broaden prospects for enhanced cooperation and sustainable peace throughout the subregion and encourage the ongoing initiatives aimed at promoting a meeting of the heads of States of the Mano River Union.

Members of the Council call on the Liberian Government to pursue all peaceful avenues towards ending the fighting inside the country, which is causing severe humanitarian consequences.

Members of the Council stress the need for human rights abuses to cease by whatever parties they are committed.

Members of the Council invite the international community, in particular humanitarian organizations, to continue to provide the necessary assistance to the populations affected by the conflicts, and call on the donor community to maintain its commitments in providing humanitarian aid to Liberia.

Members of the Council call on the Government of Liberia to allow safe access to humanitarian agencies and invite all the parties to create the conditions for providing humanitarian assistance to the refugees and displaced persons and to ensure the security of their camps.

Members of the Council reaffirmed the need to comply fully with the embargo under its resolution 1343 prohibiting arms flows to the territory of Liberia.

Members of the Council encourage the Mano River Union women’s Peace Network and other civil society groups to continue their useful efforts to facilitate peace and dialogue in the Mano River Union region.

Members of the Council encourage the Liberian authorities to continue the efforts aimed at national reconciliation.

* *** *