Press Releases

    31 May 2002

    UN Institute for Training and Research, Intel Corporation Partners in Initiative to Bridge Digital Divide

    NEW YORK, 30 May (UN Headquarters) -- Under the auspices of the United Nations Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Task Force and the Working Group on Informatics, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and Intel Corporation Inc. are launching on Friday, 31 May, a new training series on Policy Awareness and Training in Information Technology.

    The series, targeted at the senior and mid-level delegates from Permanent Missions to the United Nations in New York, consists of a set of four progressive modules and one seminar presented as a cycle, which is repeated four times a year. The first four modules, already in progress and geared toward all diplomats, focus on computers and software, e-mail and web surfing, web-page design and maintenance. The fifth module -- an interactive high-level seminar -- will cover "Policy Awareness and Security Issues on Information Technology" and will be essentially aimed at ambassadors and senior diplomats.

    The official launching ceremony is scheduled to coincide with the first of the four high-level seminars. At the ceremony, successful candidates of the first cycle will be awarded certificates.

    The response to this initiative has been overwhelming, with registrations for training all the way to November and an extensive waiting list. The sponsors are encouraged that 85 per cent of registrations are from developing countries, which perceive a high value attached to this training. It also indicates a high level of commitment by all nations to harnessing this technology.

    The objective of the series is to equip decision-makers with basic technical skills to facilitate their work. The partners, by demonstrating the simplicity in acquiring such skills with hands-on training, also aim to expose decision-makers to different possibilities for implementing policies related to new communication technologies.

    A unique feature of this programme is the active and hands-on participation of Intel Corporation. Unlike the usual sponsorship relationship, Intel is in the forefront of designing and delivering the training programme with the United Nations, and has ensured the quality of training by providing the latest computers for the training process.

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