Press Releases

    30 May 2002

    Press Statement by Security Council President on Eritrea and Ethiopia

    NEW YORK, 29 May (UN Headquarters) -- The following press statement on the peace process between Ethiopia and Eritrea was delivered today by Security Council President Kishore Mahbubani (Singapore):

    Members of the Council heard a briefing by the Secretariat on the peace process between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

    Members of the Council reiterated the importance of close consultations between the parties and the Boundary Commission and the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) on the implementation of the border delimitation decision, and welcomed in this regard the recent meeting in The Hague.

    Members of the Council expressed their anticipation that a follow-up by Ethiopian authorities to the meeting in The Hague will soon be forthcoming with the view to establishing the modalities for an expeditious implementation of the border delimitation decision.

    Members of the Council remain actively seized of the matter.

    * *** *