Press Releases

    30 May 2002

    Press Release by Security Council Committee Established Pursuant to Resolution 751 (1992)

    NEW YORK, 29 May (UN Headquarters) -- At its nineteenth meeting, on 28 May 2002, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 751 (1992) concerning Somalia exchanged views on enhancing effective implementation of the arms embargo.

    The members of the Committee were gravely alarmed at the use of military weapons on a large scale inside Somalia and the continued flow of arms and ammunition supplies from outside.

    They expressed deep concern about the lack of receipt of necessary information concerning alleged violations of the embargo.

    The members of the Committee underlined the importance of expeditious implementation of resolution 1407 (2002).

    The members of the Committee approved a decision to send a letter to all Member States reminding them of their obligation to comply scrupulously with the arms embargo established by paragraph 5 of resolution 733 (1992) and to report all available information on any violations or suspected violations of the arms embargo.

    The Committee also decided to send letters to the Permanent Observer for the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and the Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) seeking their cooperation and assistance for effective implementation of the embargo.

    A decision was taken to address individual letters by the Chairman of the Committee to the States geographically neighbouring Somalia and other countries in the region (Djibouti, Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen) which might have the ability to monitor air, land and sea traffic in the area to increase their vigilance with regard to movement of goods across common borders with Somalia, and to monitor and identify the origin of the carriers of the goods destined for the ports of Somalia.

    The Committee appealed to all individuals, national and international governmental or non-governmental organizations for information on violations of the arms embargo against Somalia.

    The Committee took note of the appointment by the Secretary General of the team of experts, and a forthcoming visit to the region to provide the Committee with an action plan detailing the resources and expertise that the Panel of Experts will require to be able to generate independent information on violations of the arms embargo and to provide recommendations on possible practical steps for strengthening enforcement of the arms embargo.

    * *** *