Press Releases

    15 July 2002

    Press Statements by Security Council President on Ethiopia/Eritrea, Afghanistan, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    NEW YORK, 12 July (UN Headquarters) -- The following press statements were made today by Security Council President Jeremy Greenstock (United Kingdom):


    The Ethiopia and Eritrea Boundary Commission is meeting in The Hague on Monday, 15 July and the Security Council is paying very close attention to that meeting. We agreed the following press statement:

    -- Members of the Council note that the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission has adopted the Demarcation Directions containing the operational arrangements for the border demarcation; including appropriate support from UNMEE (the UN Operation Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea), and its relationship with the Boundary Commission.

    -- Members of the Council expect that the 15 July meeting in The Hague between Eritrea and Ethiopia and the Boundary Commission will initiate full and effective cooperation by the parties in order to ensure an expeditious and orderly process.

    -- Members of the Council intend to take early follow-up action to resolution 1398 taking into account any decisions taken in the 15 July meeting at The Hague.


    On Afghanistan, I introduced a report to the Council from the United Kingdom as the preceding lead nation in the International Security Assistance Force in Kabul, and noted the hand over to Turkish leadership of that force. That report is before the Council. In addition Kieran Prendergast briefed the Council on recent events in Afghanistan, including the unfortunate assassination of Vice-President Haji Abdul Qadir and there was a very brief discussion of Afghanistan.


    Thirdly, on Croatia, the Council has agreed on a text for the rollover of the United Nations Mission of Observers in Prevlaka (UNMOP) mandate in Prevlaka. That is now ready to be adopted before the end of Monday, 15 July, which is when the current mandate runs out. I expect to schedule that on Monday.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina/ICC

    On Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have continued discussions of the problem are all now facing over the International Criminal Court (ICC). There was a very constructive proposal made by the delegation of Mauritius. That proposal was discussed. It was received with some warmth by virtually every Member of the Security Council. But there have been further textual proposals made. I have suspended the meeting on the ICC so that the discussion this morning and the new textual proposal made can be discussed with capitals by each delegation and considered before we return to informals at 1530 this afternoon. Thank you very much.

    * *** *