Press Releases

    7 August 2002


    NEW YORK, 6 August (UN Headquarters) -- Following is the press statement on the Security Council's programme of work for August delivered today by Security Council President John D. Negroponte (United States):

    Council members discussed this month's work, which will include several meetings on Africa, with discussions on Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Eritrea, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, the situation in Burundi and Sierra Leone. The Council will also look at the situations in East Timor, the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Bougainville, as well as certain aspects of resolution 1284 on Iraq, particularly with respect to missing persons.

    Council members were later briefed by Assistant Secretary-General Hedi Annabi on the Democratic Republic of Congo-Rwanda Agreement, which was signed in South Africa on 30 July.

    Council members welcomed this Agreement as a very positive step and an act indicative of strong political will and commitment on the part of the parties concerned. They also commended the Government of South Africa for its role in facilitating the Agreement.

    Council members will discuss the Agreement and the issues surrounding its implementation in a Council meeting with the Foreign Minister of South Africa and representatives of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda this coming Thursday, 8 August, which will initially be an open meeting with statements by the Foreign Minister of South Africa, the representatives of the parties to the conflict and the Secretary-General.

    * *** *