24 April 2003

UN, Brazil to Address Urban Insecurity

VIENNA, 24 April (UN Information Service) -- The Government of Brazil and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) have agreed to initiate a comprehensive co-operation strategy to reduce urban insecurity in Brazil, within the broader context of strengthening cooperation to counter drugs and crime. The strategy will be incorporated in the UNODC-Brazil Strategic Programme Framework for 2003-2006, presently under formulation.

The UNODC will assist the Brazilian authorities in coordinating with other relevant international agencies, and with strategic policy planning on drug control and crime prevention. It will also promote the exchange of know-how and international "best practices" between Brazil and other countries, including South-South cooperation.

The two parties have agreed to develop a multi-year programme for technical co-operation in the following priority areas:

The agreement calls for technical cooperation to address the whole range of issues of illicit drugs abuse.

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