18 September 2003


(Reissued as received.)

GENEVA, 17 September -- The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) just released a new publication:  “The Musketeers Conquer the Net -- A ‘teen’ guide to getting online”.  This brochure is published in the context of the World Summit on the Information Society.  «We hope that it will lead teenagers to discover the Net and show them how they can use the World Wide Web in a safe and fun manner.  Through the Internet, they will be able to make friends all over the world and thereby build a more peaceful future”, stressed Mrs. Brigita Schmögnerová, Under-Secretary-General and UNECE Executive Secretary.

The lively dialogues of this brochure recount the adventures of four teenagers who, thanks to the Internet, maintain contact while separated by thousands of kilometres.  Oksana and Mikhail live in Malyia Avtsiuki in Belarus, and they have been staying with Julietta and Carlo from Gassino Torinese in Italy during an exchange organized by an Italian non-governmental organization “Comitato Girotondo”.  Their adventures and misadventures while surfing on the Net will allow young readers -- and the less young too -- to discover the fascinating and dangerous world of the World Wide Web.

A young lady of 14 who lives near Geneva has illustrated the brochure, which was prepared in cooperation with teenagers aged between 10 and 16 and computer science teachers.

Aimed at a public of teenagers, the brochure is partly based on a true story.  It is part of the UNECE activities aimed at promoting youth training.

The brochure is available in English, French, Russian and Spanish from the usual United Nations sales agents in various countries or from the United Nations Office at Geneva (see address below).  Please quote Sales No. GV.E.03.0.19 or ISBN No. 92-1-101060-8.

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