26 February 2003


  Press Statement on Sanctions by Security Council President

NEW YORK, 25 February (UN Headquarters) -- Following is today´s statement to the press on sanctions by Security Council President Gunter Pleuger (Germany):

At its 4713th meeting, held on 25 February 2003, the Security Council heard a briefing by the representative of Sweden, the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Hans Dahlgren, on the results of the "Stockholm Process on the Implementation of Targeted Sanctions".

Members of the Security Council acknowledged that targeted sanctions are a useful tool to focus pressure on targeted States and entities, while minimizing unintended impact on civilian populations and non-targeted States and entities.

Council Members recognized that the Stockholm Process has built on the results of previous efforts undertaken by Switzerland and Germany as well as on the ideas discussed in the General working group on sanctions.

Council members welcomed Sweden's initiative of October 2001 to launch the Stockholm Process which has provided a valuable contribution to the debate on how to strengthen the capacity of the United Nations system and of Member States to implement targeted sanctions. A number of concrete recommendations have been put forward to this effect.

Members of the Council encouraged further discussion and work to refine the instrument of targeted sanctions.

* *** *