7 March 2003

Reformatted Al Qaeda and Taliban List

NEW YORK, 6 March (UN Headquarters) -- On 4 March 2003, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1267 (1999) issued a reformatted version of the list of individuals and entities belonging to or associated with the Taliban and Al Qaeda organizations.

The new reformatted list, which supersedes all previous lists, provides identifying information on designated individuals and entities in a more systematic manner than the previous version of the list valid until 3 March 2003. The reformatted list is available in a table format as well as a paragraph format, suitable for printing. Both formats of the list can be found on the Internet at the following URL: .

In addition to reclassifying information in a more consistent way, the ordering and presentation of names of the individuals and entities on the list has been thoroughly reviewed and adjusted as necessary. Member States are strongly encouraged to provide to the 1267 Committee any information currently missing in the list (denoted by the letters "na" -- not available -- or blank spaces in the tabular list) through their Permanent Mission to the United Nations. In this connection, the Chairman would like to thank those States that submitted such information last year.

The Committee will continue to regularly update the list on the basis of relevant information provided by Member States and regional organizations. For further information on the new reformatted list, representatives of Member States may wish to contact the 1267 Committee Secretariat at tel. 1-212-963-5293.

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