16 April 2003

Security Couincil 1267 (1999) Committee Adopts Additional Guidelines for Conduct of Work

NEW YORK, 15 April (UN Headquarters) -- On 10 April 2003, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1267 (1999) adopted specific guidelines for considering additional information submitted by States and/or regional organizations related to individuals and entities contained in its consolidated list. The guidelines provide Member States with procedures regarding the Committee's consideration of such information. The Committee further decided to include, as an annex to its guidelines, the criteria used by the Monitoring Group in reviewing list-related information at the request of the Committee.

The newly adopted guidelines and Monitoring Group criteria are intended to facilitate improvements in the Committee's list, thereby enabling Member States to better implement the travel ban, the freezing of assets and the arms embargo in connection with the listed individuals and entities.

The new procedures have been incorporated as a new section 6 in the Committee Guidelines for the conduct of its work. The guidelines can be found on the Internet at the following URL:

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