27 June 2003


NEW YORK, 26 June (UN Headquarters) -- The Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1343 (2001) concerning Liberia today approved the removal of two persons, reportedly deceased, from the list of members of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) subject to the measures contained in paragraph 2(a) of the resolution.  (The list was previously issued as Press Releases SC/7047 dated 12 April 2001 and SC/7062 dated 23 May 2001).  The list will be updated as necessary.

Komba GBUNDEMA, (Col Monamie) - Ops Cmdr, Guinea

* Dennis MINGO (Brig Compass/Superman) - Liberia.

The revised list is reproduced in full below:

Col. Patrick BEINDA (ADDED on 18 May 2001)

Sam "Mosquito" BOCKARIE - Military Commander, exiled in Liberia by Sankoh in December 1999

Eddie KANNEH – ex-field Commander, now in charge of arms/diamonds trade (similarly exiled)

Ibrahim BAH - President Compaore's Advisor on the RUF.  Spends a lot of time in Monrovia

*Omrie GOLLEY - Chairman of the new Peace Council and RUF spokesman – a regular visitor

*Issa Sessay (Alias General Emperor) - Head of RUF

Short BAI BUREH (Colonel Doer of the Act) - Commander of Combat Group in Guinea

Koneh BAI"BLTREH (Shining Star) - Cmdr 3 Bde. Ops in Guinea

Lansana CONTEH (Colonel) - Cmdr 2 Bde.

“General” FAYIA

*Augustine GBAO (Col. Destiny) - Head of Internal Security)

Martin GEORGE (Col MaoMao) - Cmdr 1 Bde.

Jumu JALLOH, RUF official, ex-Minister of Tourism and Culture in the Government of Sierra Leone (ADDED on 18 May 2001)

Ibrahim JALLOH (ADDED on 18 May 2001)

Agnes DEEN-JALOH (ADDED on 18 May 2001)

Morie JEIO (Major) - Acting Chairman RUFP Mining Ltd

Muhammad KABBAH (Major Master Tourist) - Signals Commander

Lt. Col. Patrick KAIKAI (ADDED on 18 May 2001)

*Maurice KALLON (Brig. Spirit) - Ops Cmdr DHQ

Melosky KALLON (Col Ngugumeh – Cmdr-7 Bgde


Alusine KAMARA (ADDED on 18 May 2001)

Alfred KARGBO (Col Base Marine) - Cmdr 4 Bgde

Lt. Col. Patrick KODJO (ADDED on 18 May 2001)

Jonathan KPOSOWA - Chief of Administration

Mike LAMIN – RUF official, ex-Minister of Trade and Industry in the Government of Sierra Leone (ADDED on 18 May 2001)

Lt. Col. Lamin S. MANSARAY (ADDED on 18 May 2001)

* Gibril MASAQUOI (Col Postmaster/Wildfire) - Spokesman and Head of Media Ops.

* Abdul RAZAK (Lt Col) - ex Chairman RUFP Mining Ltd.

Arthur SAM (ADDED on 18 May 2001)

Philip SANDY

Michael SANDY

Foday SANKOH – Former RUF leader (in jail in Sierra Leone) (ADDED on 18 May 2001)

* M SOUVLA (Colonel) - Cmdr 6 Bgde

Mary TARAWALLI (ADDED on 18 May 2001)

Peter VANDAY – RUF official, ex-Minister of Lands, Housing, Agricultural Planning and Environmental Protection in the Government of Sierra Leone (ADDED on 18 May 2001)

VICTOR (Lt Col) - Deputy Chairman RUFP Mining Ltd


* *** *


* Individuals who visit frequently and conduct RUF business in Liberia.