27 June 2003


NEW YORK, 26 June (UN Headquarters) -- The Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1267 (1999) on 25 June 2003 added the following individuals to its consolidated list (Al-Qaida section):

1. ABDAOUI Youssef (a.k.a. Abu ABDULLAH; ABDELLAH; ABDULLAH); Born in Kairouan (Tunisia) on 4th June 1966; Address: Piazza Giovane Italia n.2, Varese, Italy.

2. AKLI Mohamed Amine (a.k.a. Mohamed Amine Akli; Killech Shamir; Kali Sami; Elias); Born in Abordj El Kiffani (Algeria) on 30th March 1972, of no fixed address in Italy.

3. AMDOUNI Mehrez (a.k.a. FUSCO Fabio; HASSAN Mohamed; ABU Thale); Born in Tunis (Tunisia) on 18th December 1969, of non fixed address in Italy.

4. AYARI Chiheb Ben Mohamed (a.k.a. HICHEM Abu Hchem); Born in Tunis (Tunisia) on 19th December 1965. Address: Via di Saliceto n.51/9, Bologna, Italy.

5. BAAZAOUI Mondher alias HAMZA. Born in Kairouan (Tunisia) on 18th March 1967. Address: Via di Saliceto n.51/9, Bologna, Italy.

6. DUMONT Lionel (a.k.a. BILAL; HAMZA; BROUGERE Jacques);  Born in Robaix (France) on 21st January 1971, of non fixed address in Italy.

7. ESSAADI Moussa Ben Amor (a.k.a. DAH DAH; ABDELRAHMMAN; BECHIR); Born in Tabarka (Tunisia) on 4th December 1964; Address: Via Milano n.108, Brescia, Italy.

8. FETTAR Rachid (a.k.a. Amine del Belgio; Djaffar); Born in Boulogin (Algeria) on 16th April 1969; Address: Via degli Apuli n.5, Milan, Italy.

9. HAMAMI Brahim Ben Hedili; Born in Goubellat (Tunisia) on 20th November 1971; Address: Via de’ Carracci n.15, Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), Italy.

10. JARRAYA Khalil (a.k.a. YARRAYA Khalil; ABDEL’ Aziz Ben Narvan; AMRO; OMAR; AMROU; AMR); Born in Sfax (Tunisia) on 8th February 1969; Address: Via Bellaria n.10, Bologna, Italy; domicile: Via Lazio n.3, Bologna, Italy.  He was identified also as BEN Narvan Abdel Aziz, born in Sereka (ex-Yugoslavia) on 15th August 1970.


11. JARRAYA Mounir Ben Habib (a.k.a. YARRAYA); Born in Sfax (Tunisia) on 25th October 1963; Address: Via Mirasole n.11, Bologna, Italy; domicile: Via Ariosto n.8, Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), Italy.

12. JENDOUBI Faouzi (a.k.a. SAID; SAMIR); Born in Beja (Tunisia)on     30th January 1966; Address: Via Agucchi n.250, Bologna Italy; domicile: Via di Saliceto n.51/9, Bologna, Italy.

13. MNASRI Fethi Ben Rebai (a.k.a. AMOR; ABU Omar; ALIC Fethi); Born in Nefza (Tunisia) on 6th March 1969; Address: Via Toscana n.46, Bologna, Italy; domicile: Via di Saliceto n.51/9, Bologna, Italy.

14. OUAZ Najib; Born in Hekaima (Tunisia) on 12th April 1960; Address: Vicolo dei Prati n.2/2, Bologna, Italy.

15. RARRBO Ahmed Hosni (a.k.a. ABDALLAH o ABDULLAH); Born in Bologhine (Algeria) on 12th September 1974, of no fixed address in Italy.

16. SALEH Nedal (a.k.a. HITEM); Born in Taiz (Yemen) on 1st March 1970; Address: Via Milano n.105, Casal di Principe (Caserta), Italy, domicile. Via di Saliceto n.51/9, Bologna, Italy.

17. YANDARBIEV Zelimkhan Ahmedovic (Abdul-Muslimovich); Date of birth:   12 September 1952; Place of birth:  USSR, Eastern Kazakhstan region, village of Vydriha; Nationality:  Russian Federation; Passports:  For travelling abroad can use Russian passport 43 No. 1600453

The list is updated regularly, on the basis of relevant information provided by Member States and regional organizations.  An updated list is accessible at the Committee’s Web site:


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