10 October 2003


NEW YORK, 9 October (UN Headquarters) -- This is the text of a statement on Burundi delivered today by the President of the Security Council, John Negroponte (United States):

Security Council members welcome the signing on 8 October of the Pretoria Protocol on political, defence and security power-sharing between the Transitional Government of Burundi and the CNDD-FDD.

Members also commend the Government and the CNDD-FDD for their commitment to peace and urge them to reach without delay an agreement on the outstanding issues leading to a full accord.

They call for the effective and verified implementation of the cessation of hostilities announced by the Transitional Government and CNDD-FDD.

Council members commend President Mbeki and Facilitator Zuma, as well as the other regional leaders engaged for their untiring efforts to help the parties reach an agreement.

They further demand that the FNL join the negotiations without further delay.

Council members appeal to the international community, in general, and to the donor countries and organizations, in particular, to provide adequate and timely financial, logistical and technical assistance to the African Mission in Burundi to enable it to carry out its tasks effectively and efficiently.


* *** *