4 December 2003





NEW YORK, 3 December (UN Headquarters) -- Following is today’s statement to the press on Somalia by Security Council President Stefan Tavrov (Bulgaria):



The members of the Security Council discussed the Report of the Panel of Experts established pursuant to resolution 1474 (2003) and the Mission of the Committee established pursuant to reso­lution 751 (1992) concerning Somalia to the region, and began consideration of a range of measures aimed at improving the effectiveness of the arms embargo on Somalia.


Council members underlined the critical role of the effective enforcement and monitoring of the sanctions regime for the Somalia national peace and reconciliation talks and reiterated the active engagement of the Security Council in the process.


The members of the Council emphasized the need of a united approach and stronger support of the international community for enhanced implementation of the arms embargo in Somalia, and strongly urged the frontline and neighbouring States to comply fully with their obligations under the relevant Security Council resolutions.


Council members stressed the risks of the continued flow of weapons and ammunition supplies to and through Somalia for the stability and security in a wider region in Africa, and appealed for sustained regional efforts and cooperation to improve the monitoring and the implementation of the arms embargo on Somalia.





* *** *