12 November 2003

Water Scientist Meets Water Artist at the VIC  

VIENNA, 12 November (UN Information Service) --  Dr. Masuru Emoto, an internationally renown expert on water and leading Austrian Artist Hansi Dietrich have chosen an unusual place to meet on 13 November 2003 at 2 pm -- at the water fountain  "AQA -- Water with a Human Face" at the Vienna International Centre (VIC).

The fountain, which was donated last month on the occasion of the International Year of Freshwater to the VIC-based United Nations Organizations by the City of Vienna, was the brainchild of artist Hansi Dietrich. In this unique piece of functional art, the artist has symbolised the trilogies of body, spirit and soul, as well as that of water, earth and light.

Dr. Emoto has conducted extensive research on water worldwide. Many of Hansi Dietrich's ideas echo the groundbreaking work done by Dr. Emoto, in that he has also tried to visualise and capture the energy carried by water in his fountain.

Dr. Emoto is a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University's department of humanities and sciences with a focus on International Relations. In October 1992, he received certification from the Open International University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. He undertook extensive research of water around the planet. Through his research, Dr. Emoto has provided evidence that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over seventy percent of a mature human body and covers the same percentage of our planet.

Besides continuing with his research, Dr. Emoto has written a variety of well-received books which have been translated into many languages. He is currently on a lecture tour through Europe.

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