Press Releases

                                                                                                                            16 April 2004


    Joint Inspection Unit Announces Official Release of Its
    Updated Web Site

    (Reissued as received.)

    GENEVA, 15 April (UN Information Service) –- The Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations system announced today the official release of its updated Web site.

    The site may be consulted in English, French and Spanish. It provides information about the Joint Inspection Unit including its composition, statute, standards and guidelines for conducting inspections, evaluations and investigations, follow-up procedures for its recommendations, annual reports and work programmes, as well as links to its participating organizations and other useful Internet sites.

    The full text of reports issued by the Joint Inspection Unit since 1990 to date, in the languages mentioned, is also available for consultation or downloading in PDF format. New reports will be added to the site as soon as they become available and earlier ones will be added subject to the availability of resources.

    The Joint Inspection Unit’s inspectors “provide an independent view through inspection and evaluation aimed at improving management and methods and at achieving greater co-ordination between organizations” according to its statute.

    The Internet address for the Web site is:

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