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          1 November 2004

    Training Programme on Promotion of Millennium Goals to Be Held in Beijing, 3 - 12 November

    NEW YORK, 29 October (UN Headquarters) -- An International Training Workshop “Education and Public Information Outreach on the Millennium Development Goals” will be held in Beijing, from 3 to 12 November 2004.  Sponsored by the Government of the Republic of Korea, the Workshop is being organized by the Outreach Division of the UN Department of Public Information (DPI), in cooperation with the Academy of Chinese Culture and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI).

    The Workshop falls within the scope of the mandate of General Assembly resolution 55/2 (the United Nations Millennium Declaration) and the Plan of Action adopted by the World Summit on the Information Society.  Under the Millennium Declaration, Member States resolve to ensure that the benefits of new technologies, especially information and communication technologies, are available to all, while the Plan of Action calls specific training programmes to expand the use of information and communications technologies to meet the educational needs of information professionals, thereby building a more inclusive information society.

    The participants in the Workshop will deliberate upon, and share their experiences in, public awareness campaigns and information dissemination programmes related to the United Nations and the Millennium Declaration.  The Workshop is geared to equip mid-career national professionals with requisite knowledge and skills in modern information networking technologies for effective and efficient information distribution and management.  It is also expected to empower policy makers, national experts and educators by providing them with the requisite skills and tools to strengthen national and local information dissemination capacities.

    Twenty professionals from educational institutions and information organizations from Cambodia, China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Mongolia, and Viet Nam will attend the Workshop.  Resource persons will be drawn from developed and developing countries and the United Nations.  The Workshop will be conducted in English.

    For further information, contact the Partnerships Unit, Civil Society Service, Outreach Division, DPI.  (Slava Cherkasov, e-mail:; or Yvonne Acosta, tel: 212-963-7214, e-mail:

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