Press Releases

    26 January 2004

    Press Statement on Central African Republic by Security Council President

    NEW YORK, 23 January (UN Headquarters) -- Following is today’s statement to the press on the Central African Republic by Security Council President Heraldo Muñoz (Chile):

    Members of the Security Council heard a briefing by the Representative of the Secretary-General, Lamine Cissé, on the situation in the Central African Republic and the activities of the United Nations Peace-Building Office in the Central African Republic (BONUCA).  They reiterated their full support for the action of General Cissé in this country.

    Members of the Security Council noted with satisfaction that the Central African authorities had maintained their efforts with a view to achieving reconciliation and reconstruction, and underlined that the continuation of the national dialogue and the restructuring of the national security forces were positive elements.  They called on the strengthening of the international force of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) and invited the Central African authorities to do everything possible so that the human rights violations do not remain unpunished.

    Members of the Security Council called on Central African authorities to carry on reforms in order to allow the electoral operations to take place in the best conditions and according to the expected timetable.  They invited the Secretary-General to examine ways for BONUCA to play a role in the preparation and organization of the electoral operations.

    In this crucial phase of the transition period, Council members welcomed the assistance provided by the international community in favour of the stabilization and recovery of the Central African Republic.  They expressed their satisfaction for the considerable efforts made by the members of the CEMAC regarding security, and the political and economical fields.  They, moreover, emphasized that the responsibility for the success of transition lies with the Central Africans themselves.

    Members of the Security Council called on the international community to examine ways to provide as soon as possible the necessary assistance to the Central African Republic.

    * *** *