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    1 March 2004

    Security Council Committee Approves Correction to Date of Birth of One Individual, Adds Name of One to Al-Qaida Section of Consolidated List

    NEW YORK, 27 February (UN Headquarters) -- The Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee on 24 February 2004 approved the correction to the date of birth of one individual in the Al-Qaida section of its consolidated list (the correct date of birth has been underlined below and the information deleted from the entry of this individual appears as strikethrough text).

    97. *Name: 1: ABDUL MANAF 2: KASMURI 3: na 4: na

    Title: na Designation: na DOB: 18 28 May 1955 POB: Selangor, Malaysia *Good quality a.k.a.: na Low quality a.k.a.: a) Muhammad Al-Filipini b) Intan Nationality: Malaysian Passport no.: A 9226483 National identification no.: 550528-10-5991 Address: Klang. Selangor, Malaysia *Listed on: 9 September 2003 *Other information: na

    On 27 February 2004, the Committee added the name of one individual to its consolidated list (Al-Qaida section).

    35. *Name: 1: SHAYKH 2: ’ABD-AL-MAJID 3: AL-ZINDANI 4: na

    Title: na Designation: na DOB: circa 1950 POB: Yemen *Good quality a.k.a.: a) Abdelmajid Al-Zindani b) Shaykh ’Abd Al-Majid Al-Zindani Low quality a.k.a.: na *Nationality: Yemeni Passport no.: A005487 (Yemen) issued August 13, 1995 National identification no.: na Address: na *Listed on: 27 Feb. 2004 *Other information: na

    The list is updated regularly, on the basis of relevant information provided by Member States and regional organizations.  An updated list is accessible at the Committee’s Web site:

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