Press Releases

                                                                                                                     17 June 2004

    Press Statement on Haiti by Security Council President

    NEW YORK, 16 June (UN Headquarters) -- This press statement was made today by the President of the Security Council, Lauro L. Baja (Philippines):

    The members of the Council heard a presentation by Hedi Annabi, Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, on the recent developments in Haiti who stressed the fact that the situation there remained stable and calm.

    Mr. Annabi provided an update on the establishment of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti and told members that MINUSTAH is on track with regard to establishing an effective military component, although reinforcement will be needed in the future. On the civilian police side, Mr. Annabi assured the Council that the Department of Peacekeeping Operations is working hard to build an effective force. Mr. Annabi also talked about political and humanitarian issues, including the recent floods.

    The members of the Security Council welcomed the deployment of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and the coordination process with the elements of the Multinational Interim Force (MIF) that will remain in place. The members thanked Canada, Chile, France and the United States for their contributions to the MIF, and Brazil, Chile and Canada for their timely participation in MINUSTAH. In this regard, they expressed hope that potential troop-contributing countries would fulfil their offers so as to avoid a serious force deployment gap in the transition period.

    In this crucial phase of the transition period, Council members welcomed the assistance provided by the international community for the stabilization and recovery of Haiti.

    Members of the Council called upon the international community to assist the Transitional Government in its endeavour to establish secure and stable conditions in Haiti. Members of the Council recalled the crucial importance of the promotion of the long-term social and economic development and of the fight against poverty in Haiti, in order to sustain stability and peace in that country.

    Members of the Council encourage all Haitian political actors to continue their efforts through an inclusive dialogue in order to lay down the foundations of a peaceful and democratic political environment in the country.

    In that regard, Members of the Council stressed the importance of a donors’ conference to be held in Washington on 19 to 20 July, and urged generous and timely international support.

    * *** *