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                            21 September 2004

    Security Council Committee on Sierra Leone Issues Revised List

    NEW YORK, 20 September (UN Headquarters) -- The Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1132 (1997) concerning Sierra Leone, on 20 September 2004, decided to remove sixteen names from the list of individuals affected by the measures contained in paragraph 5 of resolution 1171 (1998), which reads as follows:

    “The Security Council...

    Decides that all States shall prevent the entry into or transit through their territories of leading members of the former military junta and of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), as designated by the Committee established by resolution 1132 (1997), provided that the entry into or transit through a particular State of any such person may be authorized by the same Committee, and provided that nothing in this paragraph shall oblige a State to refuse entry to its territory to its own nationals;”.

    The names of the individuals removed from the list on 20 September 2004 are as follows:

    1. J.B. Cater-Tarawallie/Major
    2. Haroun S. Sankoh/Mr.
    3. Joe Amara Bangali/Mr.
    4. Alimamy Pallo Bangura/Mr.
    5. Victor O.F. Brandon/Mr.
    6. Fatoma Sanoh Gottor/Major (Faloma Sanoh Gottor/Mr.)
    7. Sahr Kondewa Kaigbanga/Mr. a.k.a. J.K. Kaibanga (Sahr Kondewa Kaigbanja/Mr.)
    8. Augustine F. Kamara/Major
    9. Karefa I.S. Kamara/Colonel
    10. Dr. Baila Leigh
    11. Ajibola E. Manley-Spaine/Mr. (Agibola E. Manley-Spaine/Mr.)
    12. Cecil Akindele Osho-Williams/Mr.
    13. UmaruDin Sesay/Mr. (Umaru Deen Sesay/Mr.)
    14. Allieu Badara Kamara/Mr.
    15. Gabriel Turay/Major
    16. John E. Milton/Major

    The original list of persons affected by the above measures was issued by the Committee on 8 January 1998 (SC/6464), and was subsequently published in Security Council Press Releases SC/6472 and SC/6808. The list was amended on 1 February 2001 by the removal of the name of one individual (SC/7005). A revised list was issued on 6 June 2003, reflecting the removal of eight names (SC/7782/Rev.1) and on 25 February 2004, reflecting the removal of the names of two individuals (SC/8008). The revised list is reproduced in full below. It can be accessed on the Internet at the following URL:




    ADAMS, George (Sergeant)


    BANGURA, Kandeh Sorie-Sebba (Mr.)

    BANGURA, K (Sergeant)

    BANGURA, Momoh (Corporal)

    BOB-LAHAI, Hector (Lance Corporal)

    BRIMA, Alex Tamba (Staff Sergeant)

    Principal Liaison Officer II, Works and Labour, Sierra Tel, Customs and Excise, SALPOST

    COLLINS, Eldred (Lieutenant)

    Secretary of State, Works, Energy & Power (RUF, Liberian)

    CONTEH, Franklyn (Warrant Officer II)

    KABIA, Moses (Staff Sergeant)

    Chief Security Officer

    KALLAY, K. (Sergeant)

    KALLON, David G. (Mr.)

    KALLON, Morris (Major)

    KAMARA, Brima Bazzy (Staff Sergeant)
    aka Ibraham Bazzy

    Principal Liaison Officer III, Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Energy and Power, Lotto and Income Tax

    KAMARA, Mohamed Saidu (Mr.)

    KARGBO, Samuel (Warrant Officer II)

    KHANU, S.B. (Sergeant)

    KOROMA, Johnny Paul (Major)

    Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC), Head of State & Commander-in-Chief

    KURRARY-BANGURA, Bai Hinga (Mr.)

    LAMIN, Michael S. (Colonel)

    Member of the People’s Army Leadership

    MASSAQUOI, Gibril (Colonel)


    MUNU, Abdulai Michael (Mr.)

    SESAY, Abdul M. (Lance Corporal)

    SESAY, Ibrahim D. (Lance Corporal)

    SESAY, Issa H. (Colonel)

    TURAY, Sulaiman (Sergeant)

    WOMANDIA, Lawrence S. (Captain)

    Secretary of State, Trade Industry and State Enterprises

    This list is to be updated on a regular basis. It will be distributed to all Member States and international organizations/agencies.

    * *** *