Press Releases

    22 December 2004

    Security Council Press Statement on Ethiopia and Eritrea

    NEW YORK, 21 December (UN Headquarters) -- The following press statement on the peace process between Ethiopia and Eritrea was delivered today by Security Council President Abdallah Baali (Algeria):

    Members of the Security Council welcome the 25 November announcement by the Ethiopian Government of a five-point peace plan.

    Members of the Security Council welcome Eritrea’s continued acceptance of the Boundary Commission decision.

    Members of the Security Council are encouraged by this movement towards a peaceful solution of the border dispute and now look forward to the beginning of the border demarcation process.  They also encourage both countries to work towards a full normalization of their relations and call on both parties to reiterate their commitment under the Algiers Agreement to solve their differences through peaceful means and to refrain from any action in the border area which could be viewed as provocative or destabilizing.

    Members of the Security Council reiterated their support to the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Ethiopia and Eritrea, Mr. Axworthy, and stressed the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea’s (UNMEE) important role in supporting the implementation of the final and binding decision of the Boundary Commission, established by the Algiers Agreement as the mechanism for a peaceful resolution of the boundary dispute.  They look to the Commission to provide guidance to all parties involved as they work together on the implementation process.

    Members of the Security Council reiterate the Council’s commitment to the peace process between Ethiopia and Eritrea in accordance with its relevant resolutions and underline the continuing readiness of the United Nations to facilitate the achievement of lasting peace.

    * *** *