Press Releases

    15 December 2004

    Secretary-General Names Roed-Larsen to New Appointment as Special Envoy

    NEW YORK, 14 December (UN Headquarters) -- The Secretary-General today announced the appointment of Terje Roed-Larsen as his Special Envoy for the implementation of Security Council resolution 1559 (2004). Mr. Roed-Larsen is currently serving as the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process.

    Mr. Roed-Larsen’s new appointment will be effective on 3 January 2005 at the level of Under-Secretary-General.  He will assist the Secretary-General in the preparation of his semi-annual reports to the Security Council, which the Council requested in its presidential statement of 19 October 2004.  In carrying out this task, Mr. Roed-Larsen would consult with the Government of Lebanon and other interested Member States and the relevant United Nations agencies in gathering the information necessary for the preparation of the semi-annual reports.

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