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    13 May 2005

    Afghanistan:  14,000 Grain Silos to Be Distributed to Farmers

    FAO Project Training Local Tinsmiths in Silo Production

    (Reissued as received.)

    ROME, 12 May (FAO) -- Around 14,000 grain storage silos will be distributed to farmers in nine provinces of Afghanistan, thanks to a new Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) project funded by the Government of Germany.

    The locally produced metallic silos, with grain storage capacities ranging from 120 to 1,800 kilograms, will be given to individual farmers, farmers' groups and cooperatives.  The aim is to help reduce post-harvest losses, improve grain quality, increase the income of farmers by allowing them to sell grain during the off-season when prices are more favourable, and enhance household food security.

    The $2.4 million project will also rehabilitate or construct 10 community storage warehouses in major grain-producing areas of Afghanistan this year to encourage the re-establishment of local grain markets.

    Around 220 tinsmiths and technicians in the country are currently being trained through the project in an effort to build local capacity and improve the quality of local silo production.

    “The small metallic silo has been adopted by many developing countries as appropriate, affordable technology for small- and medium-scale farmers to prevent food losses”, said Tim Vaessen, FAO's Emergency and Rehabilitation Coordinator in Kabul.

    “The silos will have a positive socio-economic impact in the targeted communities.  The training in silo production should also create additional opportunities for artisans to make metallic silos for sale to farmers in local markets”, he added.

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