2 May 2005

Economic and Social Council Takes Several Decisions Concerning July Substantive Session

NEW YORK, 28 April (UN Headquarters) -- The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) this afternoon took a number of decisions regarding its substantive session in July, including the holding of an informal event on the transition from relief to development.

The Council decided to hold an informal event on the morning of Wednesday, 13 July, entitled “ECOSOC event to consider the issue of the transition from relief to development”.  In light of that event, it was also decided that the operational activities segment should conclude its work on the afternoon of 12 July and the humanitarian segment begin its work on the afternoon of 13 July.

Cuba’s representative said she hoped that event would be of high calibre and balanced, and that Member States would be kept apprised early enough of the participants and issues for consideration.

Also, the Council decided to include the request of the Global Water Partnership Organization, contained in document E/2005/49, in the agenda of its substantive session.

In addition, the Council deferred consideration of a draft resolution, contained in the report of the Secretary-General on regional cooperation in the economic, social and related fields (document E/2004/15/Add.2), by which it would have decided to establish the necessary mechanisms for the participation of associate members of the regional commissions in the work of the Economic and Social Council and its subsidiary bodies.

The representative of the United States said she was disappointed that the issue of the participation of associate members had not been resolved.  The role of associate members was not a matter for ECOSOC to debate, but was a matter for the country responsible for their foreign relations.  She hoped that the Council, in July, would resolve the matter and close the discussion.

Supporting the position of the United States, Luxembourg’s representative, on behalf of the European Union, added that the issue was not so urgent and did not require consideration at the substantive session.

The next meeting of the Council will be announced.

* *** *