26 July 2005

Seventeen more Non-Governmental Organizations Associated with UN Public Information Department, 46 Disassociated

1,533 Organizations Work with Department in Communications, Information Outreach

NEW YORK, 25 July (UN Headquarters) -- The United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) has associated 17 more non-governmental organizations (NGOs), bringing the number of NGOs that work with the Department in the area of communications and information outreach to 1,533.  The Department, together with the Economic and Social Council, is a key focal point in the United Nations Secretariat for NGOs that wish to work with the Organization.

The DPI’s Committee on NGOs held the first of its two annual meetings on 21 July.  It noted that only two NGOs from developing countries were associated this time, and expressed the hope that this number would grow by its December 2005 meeting.

All of the 17 newly associated NGOs conform to the principles of the United Nations Charter and fulfil DPI’s criteria of association.  They are advocates for an array of issues, ranging from human rights, the drive against HIV/AIDS, democratic values, sustainable development and respect for the environment, strengthening civil society and grass-roots organizations, peace education, support to underprivileged children, access to safe drinking water, and improved sanitation and health.  They all operate solely on a not-for-profit basis and are involved in United Nations-related work.

Raymond Sommereyns, Chair of the Committee and Director of the Outreach Division, stated that “DPI expects that these organizations have both the commitment and means to conduct effective information programmes with their constituencies, thereby building knowledge of and support for the United Nations at the grass-roots level, as well as communicating their own ideas and concerns to the Organization”.

Among the organizations newly associated with DPI are:  the Arab NGO Network for Development (Lebanon), with an impressive record of collaboration with United Nations agencies and offices; the International Forum for Child Welfare (Costa Rica), which aims to improve the quality of children’s lives and enhance opportunities for development, and has developed a highly successful system of exchanging information over the Internet; the Balm in Gilead, Inc. (United States), which is devoted to stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS throughout the African Diaspora by building the capacity of communities to provide education and help to people affected by AIDS; the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (Austria), which is engaged in local, regional and international human rights education; and the Centre for Social Partnership (Russian Federation), which works to develop and introduce effective mechanisms of interaction between local authorities and NGOs.

Following are the organizations newly associated with DPI, listed alphabetically by region:

Asia and the Pacific: Peace Boat (Japan), Samasevaya (Sri Lanka), World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (Malaysia)

Central America:  International Forum for Child Welfare (Costa Rica)

Europe:  Centre for Social Partnership (Russian Federation), European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (Austria), Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management (United Kingdom), 50 & Piu Fenacom (Italy)

Middle East:  Arab NGO Network for Development (Lebanon)

North America:  Alliance towards Harnessing Global Opportunities (USA), Anti-Defamation League (USA), Balm in Gilead (USA), Karamah:  Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights (USA), Kids with a Cause (USA), Water for People (USA), William Alanson White Institute (USA).

Among the approved organizations were seven NGOs that also have consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council:  Alliance towards Harnessing Global Opportunities (USA), the Arab NGO Network for Development (Lebanon), Institute for the Development in Education, Arts and Leisure (USA), International Forum for Child Welfare (Costa Rica), Peace Boat (Japan), World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (Malaysia), and 50 & Piu Fenacom (Italy).

In keeping with DPI’s policy to ensure that its active roster of affiliated NGOs maintain the level of interest and support which informed the initial acceptance of their applications, the following 46 NGOs were disassociated because they no longer meet the criteria for association:  Americans for Peace Now (USA), British American Security Information Council (USA), Emissary Foundation (USA), The Environmental Coalition  for North America (USA), Family Planning Foundation (India), Federal Union of European Nationalities (Hungary), Fédération aéronautique internationale (Switzerland), Fédération internationale des déportes et internes de la Résistance (Netherlands), Fédération internationale des petits frères des pauvres (Switzerland), Fédération internationale des traducteurs (Belgium), Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils (Iraq), Federation of Greek Women (Greece), Fifarma (Peru), Fund for New Priorities in America (USA), General Arab Women Federation (Iraq), General Federation of Iraqi Women (Iraq), Geneva Informal Meeting of International Youth NGOs (Germany), The Geeley Foundation (USA), Holistic Health Association of the Princeton Area (USA), Human Rights Foundation for Civil Society (Russian Federation), Iamvlichos (Greece), Institute for Policy Studies (USA), Instituto Latinoamericano del Fierro y el Acero (Chile), Instituto Peruano de Polomogia (Peru), Integrated Bar of the Philippines (Philippines), International Association of Women Police (USA), International Christian Youth Exchange (Germany), International Conversion Foundation (Russian Federation), International Council of Environmental Law (Germany), International Federation of the Periodical Press Limited (United Kingdom), International Federation of Translators (Romania), International Fund for Social Progress (Russian Federation), International Hotel Association (France), International Human Assistance Programs, Inc. (USA), International Lesbian and Gay Association (Austria), International Right to Life Federation (Netherlands), International Savings Bank Institute (Switzerland), International Society for Research on Aggression (USA), International Young Christian Workers (Belgium), International Network of Engineers and Scientist for Global Responsibility (Germany), International Catholic Migration Commission (USA), Japan Anti-Apartheid Committee (Japan), The Johnson Foundation (USA), Mobilization for Survival (USA), ORBICOM International Network of UNESCO Chairs in Communications (Germany), United Earth (USA).

For further information, please contact the DPI/NGO Section, tel.: 212 963-6842; e-mail:  The Directory of NGOs associated with DPI is also available on the DPI/NGO web site:

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