14 December 2005

Twenty Five Non-Governmental Organizations Newly Associated with UN Public Information Department, 48 Disassociated

NEW YORK, 13 December (UN Headquarters) -- The United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) has associated 25 more non-governmental organizations (NGOs), bringing the number of NGOs that work with the Department in the area of communications and information outreach to 1,558.  The Department, together with the Economic and Social Council, is a key focal point in the United Nations Secretariat for NGOs that wish to work with the Organization.

The DPI Committee on NGOs held the second of its two annual meetings on 12 December.  It noted that the newly associated NGOs represented five different regions of the world -- Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Middle East and North America.  All of them conform to the principles of the United Nations Charter and fulfil the DPI criteria of association.  They all operate solely on a not-for-profit basis and are involved in United Nations-related work.

Raymond Sommereyns, Chair of the Committee and Director of the Outreach Division, stated that "DPI also expects that these organizations have both the commitment and means to conduct effective information programmes with their constituencies, thereby building knowledge of and support for the United Nations at the grass-roots level, as well as communicating their own ideas and concerns to the Organization".

The 25 newly associated NGOs are advocates for an array of issues, ranging from human rights, the drive against HIV/AIDS, democratic values, sustainable development and respect for the environment, peace education and gender equality, to humanitarian rescue service, support for underprivileged children, disarmament and humanitarian support of prisoners.

They include 12 from developing regions.  The Abutia Youth Association (AYA), Ghana, seeks to provide leadership direction and guidance towards the development of rural poor communities, in order to eradicate poverty, disease and HIV/AIDS.  The All India Human Rights Association (AIHRA), with headquarters in New Delhi, has worked in spreading social awareness and protecting human rights of all society for 16 years.  The Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW), Yemen, presents a distinguished charitable and humanitarian model in social development and poverty alleviation.  The Geriatric Care Foundation, Pakistan, commits to improve the health and well-being of all older persons in Pakistan.  The Organization of Filipino Performers (OPM), Philippines, is working on partnerships with United Nations agencies and offices to promote the Millennium Development Goals through music.

Thirteen of the approved NGOs are based in developed regions.  The Aviations Sans Frontières (ASF), France, has provided humanitarian services to areas affected by disasters in the developing countries for more than 25 years.  The International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA), United Kingdom, is the global network of civil society organizations working to stop the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons.  The International Gender Organization (Gender Watchers), United States, advocates for social awareness and education to eliminate social injustices imposed upon women and children.  ZAKA Rescue and Recovery, Israel, is devoted to save lives by providing emergency rescue services globally.

Following are the organizations newly associated with the DPI, listed alphabetically by region:

Africa:  Abutia Youth Association (Ghana), Bethel Youth Aid Foundation (Ghana), Christian Care Organization (Ghana), Hatof Foundation (Ghana), Landlife (Ghana), Plan Peace International (Ghana).

Asia and the Pacific:  All India Human Rights Association (India), Geriatrics Care of Pakistan (Pakistan), Guild of Service (India), Organization of Filipino Performers (Philippines), Shri Ram Chandra Mission (India), Sisters Inside, Inc. (Australia).

Europe:  Aviations sans Frontières (France), Foundation for a Culture of Peace (Spain), Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research (Germany), International Action Network on Small Arms (United Kingdom), UN Watch (Switzerland).

Middle East:  Charitable Society for Social Welfare (Yemen), Israeli Women's Network (Israel), The New Israel Fund's Empowerment and Training Center for Social Change Organizations in Israel (Israel), ZAKA Rescue and Recovery (Israel).

North America:  Drew University (USA), International Gender Organization (United States), The Light Millennium (United States), Make-A-Wish Foundation International (United States).

Among the approved organizations were five NGOs that also have consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council:  Aviations sans Frontières (France), Charitable Society for Social Welfare (Yemen), Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research (Germany), Guild of Service (India), UN Watch (Switzerland).

In keeping with the DPI policy to ensure that its active roster of affiliated NGOs maintain the level of interest and support which informed the initial acceptance of their applications, the following 48 NGOs were disassociated because they no longer meet the criteria for association:  Balkan-Ji-Bari International (India), Center for International Cooperation (United States), Comision Para la Defensa de Los Derechos Humanos en Centroamerica (Costa Rica), Council on Economic Priorities (United States), European Confederation of Woodworking Industries (Belgium), European Container Manufacturers' Committee (Belgium), Foundation NGO Ecology and Life (Norway), Four Directions Council (Canada), Global Committee of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (United States), Histophila (Belgium), Institut International de Formation et de Lutte Contre les Drogues (France), Instituto Peruano de Polemologia (Peru), International Center of Social Gerontology (France), International Chamber of Shipping (United Kingdom), International Commission of Health Professionals (Switzerland), International Community Education Association (United States), International Data Exchange Association (Belgium), International Federation of Consulting Engineers (Switzerland), International Federation of Purchasing and Materials Management (Netherlands), International Organization of Good Templars (United Kingdom), International Senior Citizens Association (United States), La Terre Verte Ltd. (United States), Lanka Mahila Samiti (Sri Lanka), Lawyers Alliance For World Security (United States), Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (United States), Ligue Marocaine de Protection de l'Enfance (Morocco), Literacy Volunteers of New York City, Inc. (United States), Mouvement Burkinabe de Lutte Contre le Racisme, l'Apartheid et pour l'Amitie entre les Peuples (Burkina Faso), National Association of Colored Women's Club (United States), National Audubon Society, Inc. (United States), National Council of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (United States), National Council of YMCAs of Japan (Switzerland), National Jewish Welfare Board (United States), National US/Arab Chamber of Commerce (United States), New Thinking Institute (Russia), Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (Nigeria), Nigerian International Association of Democratic Lawyers (Nigeria), Organizacion de la Television Iberoamericana (Mexico), Ovum Pacis Womens' International Peace University (United States), Pace-UK International Affairs (United Kingdom), Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation (Belgium), Pensee et Chantiers (Morocco), Philippine Medical Association (Philippines), Polish Peace Coalition (Poland), Project Against Apartheid (United States), Rainbow Lobby (United States), Refugee Policy Group (United States), World Association for Educational Research (Belgium).

For further information, please contact the DPI/NGO Section, tel.: 212 963-6842; e-mail: .  The Directory of NGOs associated with the DPI is also available on the DPI/NGO website: .

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