11 April 2005

Population and Development Commission Suspends Session; Will Act on HIV/AIDS Text Next Week

NEW YORK, 8 April (UN Headquarters) -- Unable to finish its programme of work for the thirty-eighth session due to time constraints, the Commission on Population and Development this evening suspended its thirty-eighth session until next week.

Reporting on the outcome of negotiations on a draft resolution entitled “Population, development and HIV/AIDS, with particular emphasis on poverty”, Chairman of the Working Group and Vice-Chairman of the Commission, Oliver Chave (Switzerland) said that, after a series of intense and constructive consultations, members of the Commission had achieved consensus on the text.  The final details had only been resolved a few minutes before.

The representative of Luxembourg (on behalf of the European Union), however, wanted to examine the draft before action was taken.  He was supported by France’s representative, who said that the issue HIV/AIDS was a particularly sensitive and important one which needed more than five minutes’ consideration.  Member States needed to be able to analyse the text in all official languages of the Organization.

The Commission will conclude its session on a date next week to be announced in the Journal.

* *** *