Press Releases

    10 March 2005

    Security Council Press Statement on Haiti

    NEW YORK, 9 March (UN Headquarters) -- Following is the Security Council press statement on Haiti read out today by Council President Ronaldo Mota Sardenberg (Brazil):

    The members of the Security Council heard a presentation by Assistant Secretary-General Hédi Annabi on major developments in Haiti since 18 November 2004.  Mr. Annabi stressed that since the outbreak of violence last year much has been achieved in Haiti, thanks to the Haitian people and the support provided by the international community.  The fact that the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) has almost reached its fully authorized strength level has substantially enhanced its capacity to respond to security threats, producing noticeable results and thus contributing to the improvement of the security situation in the country, including through joint operations with the Haitian National Police.  Notwithstanding, the security situation continues to be unstable, and it remains imperative that MINUSTAH support the Transitional Government to ensure a secure and stable environment within which the constitutional and political process in Haiti can take place.

    Members of the Council underlined that national reconciliation, security, and economic development remain key to stability in Haiti.  They stressed that successful elections hinge upon the capacity of the Transitional Government to achieve progress, with the support of MINUSTAH, in these areas during this crucial phase of the political transition.

    The members of the Security Council encouraged all Haitian political actors to continue their efforts through an inclusive national dialogue and to renounce violence to advance their goals, and called on all political parties and Haitian voters to participate in the electoral process.

    Members of the Security Council welcomed the provisional release of several Fanmi Lavalas leaders and called upon the Transitional Government to expedite all pending cases and to ensure due process for all citizens.  Members were updated that former Prime Minister Yvon Neptune remains incarcerated without charge and is on a hunger strike.  Council members expressed concern about the human rights situation, including allegations of human rights abuses attributed to the Haitian National Police (HNP) officers, which have not yet been properly investigated by the authorities.  The Security Council underscored the importance of the Transitional Government, with the support of MINUSTAH, to make continued progress in these areas.

    The members of the Security Council also called upon the Transitional Government to activate the national commission on disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) without further delay, and upon all armed groups and individuals, including former members of the military, to participate fully in a comprehensive and integrated DDR programme.  Council members welcomed the launching by the Transitional Government of a compensation programme for members of the former military, but noted that such compensation should be part of a comprehensive and durable solution.

    Members of the Council welcomed the agreements on the streamlining of disbursement procedures, but renewed their appeal for prompt disbursement of these funds.  They also urged the Transitional Government to develop concrete projects that could effectively utilize the assistance provided.

    The members of the Security Council will be discussing the Council’s upcoming mission to Haiti, possibly in conjunction with a mission of the Economic and Social Council Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Haiti, planned for mid-April, on the basis of Terms of Reference to be timely submitted for consideration by Council members.

    The Security Council expresses its full support for the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Haiti, Juan Gabriel Valdés, and commends the work of MINUSTAH and all its personnel.

    * *** *