18 May 2005

Press Statement on Guinea-Bissau by Security Council President

NEW YORK, 17 May (UN Headquarters) -- Following is the text of today’s statement to the press by Security Council President Ellen Margrethe Løj (Denmark):

Members of the Security Council reiterate their concern for the political situation in Guinea-Bissau, particularly for recent statements which may produce undesirable consequences for the restoration of constitutional governance and the holding of the presidential elections on 19 June 2005.  At the same time, they reaffirm their support for the country’s national authorities, especially for the President of the Republic, Henrique Rosa.

Members of the Security Council express likewise their support for the efforts undertaken by the Secretary-General and by his Special Envoy, former President Joaquim Chissano, in order to assist all political actors in Guinea-Bissau to reach a peaceful and orderly conclusion of the transitional process in that country.  They call on Guinea-Bissau’s political leaders to exert their leadership with diligence and the utmost restraint, avoiding the increase of tensions and further suffering for the population.

* *** *