Press Releases

    20 July 2005

    Statement by Chairman of Security Council Committee on Sudan

    NEW YORK, 19 July (UN Headquarters) -- At the third formal meeting of the Security Council Committee established pursuant to Resolution 1591 (2005), held on 19 July 2005, Ambassador Vassilakis made the following statement:

    In paragraph 3 of resolution 1591 (2005), the Security Council requested the Secretary-General, in consultation with the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1591 (2005) concerning the Sudan, to appoint, for a period of six months, four experts to serve on the panel of experts, in accordance with the mandate set out in the same paragraph of the said resolution.

    The Secretary-General appointed these experts on 30 June 2005 and since then, the panel has commenced its activities.

    In today’s formal meeting, the experts had a fruitful discussion on their programme of work with members of the Committee.

    Following organizational briefings and meetings in New York, the experts will depart in several days for Addis Ababa, where they will be based, and from where they will travel to El-Fasher and other locations in Sudan, in accordance with their mandate.

    * *** *